'Cause without the swim, it's a duathlon...
Unless you choose only pool swimming and the occasional pool swim triathlon, venturing into the deep blue sea (or lake) is required.  For traditional pool swimmers this is cause for consternation because the water is murky and there is no lane line to follow. As most people enter the sport of triathlon from running or cycling backgrounds, open water swimming can add to their angst and anxiety. Wind, surf, other people bumping into you and that irrational fear that something is going to eat you exists (I blame the movies Jaws and Open Water).
Open water swimming, whether on its own or as part of a triathlon, offers you a new world to explore. Having confidence in the water is a much more positive attribute than the fear and loathing some people experience ("Please just get me through the swim!" "ARGH! This wetsuit is strangling me!" "Swim 5K?! I can barely run 5K!").
SwimmerTri can not only help you overcome your fears, but also make you a better open water swimmer. For triathletes, the swim becomes a weapon that allows them to exert less energy and stress before the bike and the run. For swimmers, the open water is analogous to trail running: conditions and distances vary. Mother Nature is in control.
I have 35 years experience in the sport of triathlon and have competed in over 130+ individual open water swim races. I will both train you and make you comfortable in the water. You'll learn how to start, how to sight, how to pace, how to finish and how to handle traffic. For complete swim training and/or triathlon training programs contact me for more details and information.
Lake Elmo , in the Billings Heights, is the venue used for open water swimming. It is a freshwater lake and nothing in it can eat you. The park has bathrooms, changing rooms and showers. It's also the venue for the Big Sky State Games triathlon.
Get ready. Get wet. GO!
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